Leona Jones


About the Artist
Leona is a cross-disciplinary practitioner based in Cardiff whose approach to writing centres on Word as event/performance. Working across media using spatiality, audio, her original recordings and writings, as well as found sound and text she actively seeks to highlight physicality, location and context, considering them as central in the inter-relationships between writer/word/world. She studied Performance Writing (MA) at Falmouth University, graduating in 2012, and considers language as a major, but never the only, component of text, as Word merges into Sound into Noise into Space – WordsSoundsSpaces.
She is influenced by ideas from theatre, performance, music and spoken word, as well as literature, philosophy and art, and she continually seeks to question definitions, highlighting and crossing unnoticed boundaries laid down through repetition and assumption.
But all her work is solidly built on passion for –
Words That Won’t Stay On The Page

Member of the Stanza Group




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