Fay Stevens



This work was created in response to an exhibition ‘Writing & …. The Object’ and references the work of the Oulipo group and structuralist codification. It presents a choreographic and phenomenological documentation of the artists’ sensory engagement with the space, labels and experience of the exhibited objects and the galleries in which they were displayed. The body of the artist intervened with the physical space of the gallery (recorded as arrows of direction), randomly appropriated extracts of text from labels (documented as L:) and responded with whatever was expereinced and/or came to mind (narrated as R::). The artists’ body as intervention with the text, physical objects, their collection and display, is the focus of this work in which this documentation is seen as a recontextualision of the object. As such, the work explores the grammar and syntax of bodily engagement with the object, how the body orchestrates a sequence of interplay between space as a container for corporeal syntax, the text of labels functioning as found objects and writing as a strategy for shifting the way in which we think about language.


Avenue (with Janice Botterill)

Avenue’ is part of a continuing collaboration between Fay Stevens and Janice Botterill. Writings, drawings and sound recordings of experience were made on a visit to the landscape and associated monuments of Stonehenge in July 2013. Avenue was made in-situ, within the monumental avenue that leads from the River Avon to Stonehenge. These written and spoken notations comprise work made in the landscape along with re-examined and re-recorded work that mirrors and retains a connection to the original experience and textual construction of place.

About the Artist
I am an academic. archaeologist and curator with an arts background, specialising in landscape art and archaeology, material culture, corporeality and phenomenology. My archaeological and art-based work is integrated, as one method of enquiry and process impacts on and integrates with the other. My practice is in drawing, printmaking and erformance writing. My research considers how people in the past might have engaged with, perceived and understood their environment and I am currently exploring this through the themes of narration, interplay, perception and the ‘still-point’. I interact with these themes intellectually through the critical lens of phenomenology and explore as process through my art practice.

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