Camilla Nelson


Paper Serenade (for Millennium Green)
A cascade of pages hang from a series of interconnected mobiles. Each is hung with pages reformed from a pulp of poems written in relation to Millennium Green, Forest Hill, London and materials (earth, plant, grass, tree matter) taken from this site. Each page is a conglomerate piece.

The majority of these pages have been reformed from the pages that comprised ‘Tree Book’. ‘Tree Book’ was an installation made out of the inscriptions and materials inserted into pages hung from an oak tree over the course of the festival. Upon disassembling ‘Tree Book’ a small portion of each page was cut out and kept. The left over material was pulped. New pages were formed from this pulp. A fragment of each original work was included within the pulp of every new page. Each new page, reformed from the cumulative pulp of ‘Tree Book’, registers the specifics of the individual work in relation to a community of site-specific materials and inscriptions.

Some paler pages with clearly decipherable text fragments are scattered throughout these. These pages are composed from a pulp of writings and materials I gathered from this site in preparation for the Little Ecological Arts Festival held in Millennium (May 2013), curated by Bruno Roubicek. Temporally, these pages precede and presage the formation of the others. They are unique in their singular authorship. In their current arrangement, each of these pages form fragments of a single voice, as if heard from afar, bisecting the other very different song formed by the swell of the ‘Tree Book’ choir. Each of these prior pages is discordant in tone and yet complimentary in form to the rest.

As the light shines through, each page reveals itself to be a discrete, suspended solution of the otherwise mobile interaction of people, place and language.

The pages move slightly as the air circulates.

About the Artist
Camilla Nelson is a poet, artist and researcher, currently based in Somerset. She successfully completed a PhD in Reading and Writing with a Tree: Practising ‘Nature Writing’ as Enquiry, at Falmouth University, earlier this year. Her text work has been featured in Amy Cutler’s exhibition Time, the deer, is in the wood of Hallaig (London, 2013) and Karen Pearson’s outdoor exhibition in Yarner Wood, Assemblage (Dartmoor, 2012). As well as appearing in several magazines and journals, her poems have been anthologised in The Apple Anthology (Nine Arches) and Dear World & Everyone In It (Bloodaxe) and she has a pamphlet forthcoming with ninerrors press.

Member of the Stanza Group

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