Annelies Egli

post script I

The work is autobiographical in nature, consisting of photographically recorded notes and real letters. It is essentially to do with relationship, with the passing of time, with space and location.

post script II

The suspended piece is made of old letters that have been manipulated (folded) The letters date from around 1980-85 leading up to the time of my moving to this country. The letters pre date the notes, which appear as fixed in time on the plasterslabs of post script I.

The intention is to juxtapose the stillness of post script l with the movement of (suspended) post script ll , the static with the kinetic. In my experience this reflects aspects of the past that can still come alive, such as in dreams , alongside simply material remnants and fragments of the past. In autobiographical terms the letters stand for a period of anticipation , preparation, and seperation , the notes (slabs) speak of a domestic period of stability and material/physical confinement /containment.

About the Artist
I am a visual artist working occasionally with remnants of language/text. I am interested in the connections between text and textiles and the fabrication of meaning.


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